About Erste Group

About Erste Group

  • Erste Group serves approximately 17 million
  • Erste Group employs approximately 47 thousand people
  • It has 2,900 branches in seven countries

Erste Group’s Position

  • Erste Group is the market leader in Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia
  • Erste Group is the largest underwriter for bonds, companies and financial institutions in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe
  • With 47 billion Euros, Erste Group is Central and Eastern Europe’s largest wealth management company
  • Erste Group is Central and Eastern Europe’s third largest commercial real estate company
  • Erste Group is Central and Eastern Europe’s largest mandated syndication loan provider

Erste Group CEO Andreas Treichl’s comments about Central and Eastern Europe:
“The 2013 economic picture is showing an improvement: apart from Slovakia,  all expectations are for a better performance in 2013 for all the countries in the region. As a result, in the next few quarters we are confident that we can expect stronger GDP growth and this has made us more positive that in the second half of this year we can expect an improvement in our region. Therefore, we have not made any changes to our year end assumptions: we are still assured that when compared to 2012, we will be able to achieve healthier operating results.”

Board Members

  • Andreas Treichl, CEO
  • Franz Hochstrasser, Deputy Chairman
  • Manfred Wimmer, (CFO, CPO)
  • Gernot Mittendorfer, (CRO)
  • Herbert Juranek, (COO)